Regarding The Development of Casino Games

Regarding The Development of Casino Games

Regarding The Development of Casino Games – Casino games are games that are played with cards and until now there are people who think that this game is similar to slot machine games. Until now there are still some people who think that casinos are a gambling game and some even equate casinos with slot machines. This response naturally arises because the person is unfamiliar with the world of the gambling industry. Although casinos are mobile and identical to the world of the gambling industry, in fact, behind this fact, in the casino there are several other facilities such as restaurants, hotels, tourist centers and even shopping centers. Therefore a casino can be said to be a midnight entertainment provider residence as we know that casinos are more active at night. This entertainment is generally in the form of music concerts, stand up comedy, dance performances and even sports championships such as boxing, wrestling, basketball, and of course other well-known sports.

In fact, casino entertainment was not found in the modern era that made the name of casino popular but started from the ancient Egyptian era which spread to Italy in the Middle Ages until the birth of popular gambling games such as Baccarat, Poker and many more. Where in the past the Egyptians built a special place such as a giant villa which had a large stage where the aristocrats could gather together to enjoy dances, songs and wrestling championships under the same roof. It is even used as a place for festival celebrations where everyone can party, get drunk and also gamble of course. Where the aristocrats gambled with the risk of slaves, property and also other skill sets. This is proven strongly where the discovery of gambling items in Egypt and China in the 19th century.

From the results of research, it turns out that this custom was carried over to the European continent in 1638 Venice built the first gambling place in Europe called Ridotto which can only operate during the carnival celebration period. Until entering 1770, the Venice government closed the place with the argument that gambling would later make Venice’s nobles poor when they suffered defeat. Meanwhile, in the United States, a gambling place called Saloons, which was famous in the era of the cowboys, was a gathering place or meeting point for citizens from 4 states of the United States. At that time, Saloons was a place to meet new people and new friends to drink and definitely gamble, which turned out to be the same thing as Ridotto in the early 20th century, with a massive ban on gambling with the formation of state laws to close all gambling establishments together the occurrence of social reform at that time. Until 1931 gambling was legalized again, which is the beginning of the birth of the casino that we know today.

The famous casino in 1931 where gambling was legalized throughout the world starting from the state of Nevada which at that time built the world’s first casino in 1978 followed by the state of New Jersey which became the second largest gambling center in the United States where it entered the year 2000s Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Las Vegas which have become one of the most popular casino gaming centers to date even though as a result Macau took the highest position as the biggest gambling center today.

As the people of the present generation, Indonesia certainly does not have the chance to watch casinos in the country of Indonesia because of the gambling ban, but if we look back before entering in 1980, the Indonesian state allowed the existence of casinos which at that time the first casino in Indonesia was located in Jakarta with the leadership at that time being Ali Sadikin, who in the end had to be closed because a number of casinos were moving secretly or otherwise illegally which made the Indonesian government through the Indonesian Police act quickly by closing all casinos without these licenses until the 1945 Constitution was born which prohibited gambling in the Indonesian state.

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